I will skip the earthquakes and record temperatures. We begin with the coffee shop AU.
how to fall light like / how to lay like a shadow / how to make a universe / of the cobwebbed corner / how to stay
Whiteness affords children the precondition of goodness, which necessitates that children of color are dichotomously constructed as bad. 
Emo, alternative, and pop punk songs gave me words to dream about fighting in ways I did not dare imagine myself. 
Poems are about moving toward doubt, always pushing to the next line where you, at the break, are faced with your own humanness.
“Serenity” sets the stage for exploring how power is a communal resource on this ship throughout the duration of the series.
Though the songs reveal anger, grief, frustration, and, at times hopelessness, they never linger too long on the heaviest parts.
To be Black and from Southern Indiana is to take up space within a place. It is to discern the edges of what is held in. It is to be the edge.
It’s all small. It’s all holy. And grief visits me daily when I think about losing these small things and the potential for losing much bigger ones.
My mom likes to tell me that I’m the writer in the family, but I disagree. We are all writers.